To a Relaxed, Calmer You: Feel Good Lactium

I’m a mom to a 3-year old boy who wakes me up at around 3:00 am to ask for milk. (When will it end?) Usually, when I wake up around that time, it is soooo difficult for me to go back to sleep.  Naturally In the mornings, I wake up feeling tired and dizzy because of interrupted, intermittent sleep.  I wouldn’t dare ever to score a just-woke-up selfie in that state!

As I am a fan of health products, I gravitated towards Sydenham Pharmaceuticals Inc (SPI) Health and Nutrition’s booth when I attended Blogapalooza 2014.   My discovery:   Feel Good Lactium, a food supplement made of milk protein hydrolysate that reduces stress.


Feel good Lactium works on a cellular level. It stimulates the brain to release an amino acid called Gamma – Amino Butyric Acid otherwise known as GABA which reduces the release of “stress hormones” Adrenalin and Cortisol. As these hormones are reduced, stress manifestations such as anxiety, tension, nervousness, increased blood pressure and other effects are dramatically lessened. So even in stressful situations you can manage to relax, be calm and stay focused.

We all know that excessive stress kills. Killer stress not only leads to pimple outbreaks, hair loss and weakened immune system, it also lessens your productivity at work and negatively affects your relationships at home.  What a blessing this is in   managing our daily stress!

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It is best to take 1 -2 capsule 30 minutes to an hour before a stressful situation of before bedtime.  I took a capsule 30 minutes before going to bed.  After a few minutes, I can’t help but notice that I felt calmer, more focused and relaxed.  I don’t know how to describe it, I felt “stable” and more “centered.”  I was able to sleep soundly.

As usual, my little one woke me up around 3:00am but even then, I felt more calm and was able to go back to sleep immediately. When I woke up in the morning, it was as if I slept for a looong time. Wow!

I actually told the husband that morning how good I actually feel. I can’t wait for him to try it as well.

Feel good Lactium is a food supplement.  it is non-addictive and has no side effects. It is proven safe for those who are lactose intolerant too.  Numerous clinical studies here and abroad can attest that it is harmless, non-addictive and has zero side effects. It is FDA approved and registered under BFAD.  For more information, you may call (+632) 801-9312.

Lactium is available in Mercury Drug, Generika and other leading drugstores nationwide for PhP18.00 per capsule.

Oh the wonders of modern science!  Highly recommended: Feel good now with Lactium.

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