My Little Pony Grand Christmas Launch @ SM Center Angono

SM Malls truly never fail to cheer and amaze young and old alike with elegant and well designed  Christmas displays and events.  Last Sunday, November 6, Angono townsfolk once again were awed as they experienced a spectacular, oh-so-grand welcoming of the Christmas season in their friendly neighborhood mall – SM Center Angono with its My Little Pony theme for the Holidays!  


My Little Pony Magical Holiday!

The event started with a fashion show  by adorable kids in their super nice costumes.




After the fashion show, formal welcome was given to officially start the program.  Everyone was encouraged to support SM Christmas Bears of Joy by grabbing the opportunity to buy a pair of bears for P200, then giving one of the bears to a less fortunate child via SM foundation – a nice way to make a difference this Christmas.



The event was graced by none other than Mayor Gerry Calderon and his family, who later officially “lighted” the mall’s beautiful centerpiece located at the upper ground floor.  He expressed his thanks to SM, in behalf of Angono folks, for helping build quality lives and adding so much merriment to the holidays!


The Equestria girls wowed everyone with their superb dance moves in their uber cute costumes.



The ponies then made an appearance – Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle encouraging cheers and claps from excited audience.



Adorable Rarity, Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle

It was then time to light the centerpiece!!!


Countdown begins and it rained confetti!


To top it off,  enter Mr. Santa!


Enter Mr. Santa!


Mr. Santa giving presents to happy kids!


Thank you SM for an opportunity to sit at Santa’s lap 🙂


My Little Pony loot bags and giveaways!


My Little Pony cupcake treats!


Cotton candy corner


Colorful rainbow candies!


This one seems happy with his face paint + take aways!

The event wouldn’t be possible without committed people behind it all.  Thank you and congratulations!


SM Center Angono  team who made this lovely event possible!


Vaniza Pachoco, Marketing Manager, SM Center Angono and SM City Masinag

Come and visit SM Center Angono and see the spectacular Christmas display for the Holidays!!  Experience a MAGICAL HOLIDAY with My Little Pony at SM Center Angono from November 6, 2016 until January 8, 2017.


Pink, dainty and lovely display.

Thank you SM for a grand, spectacular way to welcome the Holidays and celebrate the birth of Jesus!




3 Reasons to Love Sisig Hooray!

Filipinos love sisig! Early this year, SIsig Hooray opened its doors to hungry customers in SM Center Angono. Naturally, we, especially the Husband and the Brother, had to go there and try it.

Here’s sharing with you 5 things to love about Sisig Hooray (If you don’t love them already).



  1. Great Sisig with Yummy Side Dishes

They have GOOD SISIG! Sisig Hooray started as a kiosk in food courts focused only on one product – Sisig. With many happy customers, they have now expanded and one can expect great tasting sisig.

Sisig is good that customers flock into their stores.  On good days, they go on an average of 20 – 30 Kilos of pork to serve their customers.  They also have choices for the health – conscious. They have chicken and bangus sisig and Mushroom and Tofu, in case you are careful to have pork at all!

Expect your Sisig to come in a complete set of hefty servings of side dishes, depending on your meal of choice:Cucumber salad, Atsara, Ensalada, boiled banana (saba)



Open Faced Talong Con Sisig Meal



Lumping Sisig



Mushroom and Tofu


2. AFFORDABLE Meals in a Festive Setting

Food is affordable from P 89.00 (Kasilog (Kanin, Sisig and itlog ) Meals to P120.00 Pesos ( OFTS – Open-Faced Talong Con Sisig )Meals. The typical Juans and Juanas can afford these sulit meals.You can also have Tuna, Squid and Smokey OFTS for P165 – 180.00. Add P 10.00 to make it unlimited rice – “Kanin Overload”.



The expanded store concept in SM Center Angono is homey and cozy, perfect for family and friends. You constantly hear a festive beat as the sisig chopper produces an awesome rhythmic beat with his knives on the chopping block. It was amazing. You gotta hear it to know what I am saying.




Festive Beats!


Fresh Ingredients


3. Truly Filipino “Thing”

Sisig is a Filipino “thing”  and it is great to know the story behind the business. The owner, Mr. Emmanuel Balse, started his sisig business with food carts and kiosks, then upgraded to stalls in food courts which grew to several stores in Malls. His passion for food for his kababayans and our love for good food fueled the growth and expansion the business.

Inspiring to see how businesses evolved with humble beginnings!  🙂






Grilled Burgers and Wings @ Big Daddy’s

People in Rizal area need not travel far to have a taste of authentic grilled burgers, Chicken Wings, Angus Beef, Fish and Chips, Baby back ribs and Steak. (Hmmm.. now I am hungry). If you are from Angono and craved for these, the first instinct maybe ,is to travel to either Eastwood or Ortigas area. But no need as they are already in the area!

Big Daddy’s main branch is in Timog and they have now expanded to let Rizaleños enjoy their offerings. They recently opened their 9th branch in SM Center Angono after opening a branch in SM City Taytay!





The food is great. Flavors are good – strong and nice!

The price is affordable! You can have a grilled burger for P110 – 220, Pasta for P 125 – 155, Buffalo wings from P 155- 295 and Steak for P 165 – P395. Chicken Basket for around P250 to P480.


Chicken Basket



Baby Back Ribs


Seafood Penne


Double Cheese Burger


Bacon and Cheese Burger




Angus Beef


They have side dishes: Fries from P75.00 to 100 and Nachos Bravo, which is a hit at P175.00. They also have refreshing fruit coolers @ 125 each. These are good prices, especially when compared with world-famous restos in the Ortigas area.


Watermelon Cooler and Fries


Nachos Bravo



The ambiance is light and cozy. It’s a very nice and cool hang out place for friends, officemates and family, especially when you celebrate special occasions, or when you go on that special date and would want to steer away from crowded placed.




I recommend that you try them out! They are located at the 3rd floor, SM Center Angono, near the cinema.


Experience Korean Desserts with Snow Panda

Have you ever wondered how desserts in Korea tastes like?

Snow Panda is now open in SM Center Angono. They serve Korean desserts like Bing Su, Cold Teas, Smoothies, Yogurt, and Fruit Ades in so many different flavors. They also offer Korean snacks like Kimbab, Mandu and Toasts.



Nice Ambiance

Their best seller, Bing Su, is a Korean dessert that is made of shaved ice and sweet toppings like mango, watermelon, strawberry, red beans, blueberry and other fruits, topped with cream, milk and chocolates. You can get their Bing Su in different sizes – Small (Around P80.00 – P 100.00), Medium (around P130.00 – P150.00) and Large (around P200.00 to P 220.00)


Strawberry Bing Su


Mango Bing Su


Watermelon Bing Su


Blueberry Bing Su




Red Beans










‘Fried ‘Mandu


The store is attractive and inviting with white walls, cool lighting and nice pictures of their food.



Try it and experience Korean Desserts, while in the Philippines. They are located at the 2nd floor of SM Center Angono.

SM Cinema opens 55th branch in Angono

What an exciting time for Angono folks as SM Cinema completes the movie entertainment experience in Rizal with 4 new fully digitized cinemas in SM Center Angono on Wednesday, December 16.

I am so happy to witness this historical event and I’m proud for my hometown!


Traditional Clapper Rites to formally open SM Cinema Angono.  



Now Open!  From left to right, Mr. Edgar Tejerero, President, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc, Prof. Ligaya Rubin (Wife of Vice Mayor Antonio Rubin), Hon. Mayor Gerardo Calderon of Angono, Rizal, Mr. Joaquin San Agustin, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shopping Center Management Corporation, Ms. Edwin Nava, Vice President of Operations, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc.

The cinemas boast of its crisp digital surround-sound system and crystal clear images that convey that best theatre experience. Promising to deliver optimum movie-watching, each theatre will cater to 200 patrons in a stadium-like seating, making certain that all patrons will enjoy the view from any seat they choose. As a standard in all SM Cinemas, SM Cinema apportions an area dedicated to PWD to accommodate all varieties of guests.

PLS_SMCinemaAngono_1019 (2)

197 seats allotted with provision for PWD


Complementing the newest cinema branch on the block is SM Cinema’s official snack and merchandise arm, Snack Time. Snack Time will serve popcorn, drinks, and other snacks, along with the latest movie merchandise that fans will surely love to collect.

The cinema boasts of colosseum type seating equipped Dolby surround sound system and wall to wall 3D capable screen. All ready to entertain families and town folks.

The 4 theatres in SM Center Angono will round off a total of 306 SM Cinema screens found across the entire nation. Reaching out to every corner of the country, SM Cinema secures its location in Rizal with cinemas in SM Taytay, SM Masinag, and SM San Mateo. SM Cinema is the Philippines’ largest cinema and exhibition brand with 60% of the country’s total market share.



Excited for the opening!


Blessing Ceremony


Cocktails for VIPs and Guests



An e-plus card for movie lovers

I’m watching movies using e-plus! As an introduction to reloadable prepaid cashless transactions, ePLUS Tap to Pay provides convenience for travelers, shoppers, movie lovers, and event goers. With one tap of a card, cardholders not only have a faster mode of payment, but can also enjoy perks such as discounts and freebies in various restaurants, shops, theatres, and concerts. ePLUS is the card of the century.

Dive into a world full of exciting and immersive movies right at your backyard in Rizal! SM Cinema Angono opens on December 16, 2015. For more information on SM Cinema, visit or dial (02) 470-2222.


King Bee has arrived!

I absolutely love authentic chinese food!  I was more than thrilled when King Bee opened at our neighborhood mall in SM Center Angono!  What a nice addition to the mall! My First Impression:  Clean, bright and inviting.  The place is big enough to accommodate more than 100 hungry guests and is the perfect place to celebrate special occasion with family and friends.

What can I say?  I had a tummy-filling good time with my Rizal media and blogger friends as we had our lovely lunch savoring real chinese food.


Me and King Bee



Rizal Media and Blogger Community



So many delicacies to choose from


A view of the Kitchen


Roast Chicken (Half – P250 / Whole- P520)

The chicken was tender and flavaorful.  Just the right seasoning.  I also loved the gravy.


Chicken Feet (P80) and Hakaw (P150)

 I can never get enough of Hakaw.  So soft, yummy, tender juicy shrimp in every bite.  🙂


Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper (P280)

This dish is amazing. So soft and tender, you would not wrestle with it.  I didn’t realize it was squid!


Beef with Broccoli (P300)

This one is a favorite as I love brocolli!  The beef was cooked well and crunchy brocolli flowers!



Pancit Canton (P230)

Saucy Pancit Canton – for longevity!


Sweet and Sour Pork (P280)

They got this one JUST PERFECTLY RIGHT. Right balance of everything!

 Over-all I am soooo happy that King Bee is here.  When my tummy buzzes for Chinese food,  I now know where to go.. King Bee! Welcome to Angono!

Simply Shoes Opens at SM Center Angono

Simply Shoes, an affiliate of SM Retail, opened its 4th branch in SM Center Angono on February 13.  It is a one-stop shoe store offering a wide assortment of shoe selections for women, men and children.

Simply Shoes carries SM’s well loved brands: Parisian and Parisian Comfy brand for us, ladies, Milanos for men. as well as Easy Soft, Durallite, Treads, Islander, Beachwalk, Toeberries, Sling and Kicks for an active and casual lifestyle. There’s a variety of brands for kids too  – Sugar Kids, Tough Kids, Avengers, Sofia the First, Spongebob, Barbie, Ollie and Fisher Price.





Parisian for Ladies


Wish there are adult sizes for these Barbie Shoes!



Cuteness Overload!



SM Milanos for Men

There’s also a wide selection of Hawk bags available.



I love the way the store is arranged! It is similar to stores abroad where you can actually try on sizes of shoes you love. Sizes are neatly stacked according to sizes for a lovely and easy shopping experience.


Shoppers are in for a treat as bonus points will be 10x for all SM Advantage, Prestige and BDO Rewards card holders.


Simply Shoes has a family of branches in Walter Mart Tanauan, Walter Mart Makati, Walter Mart Sta. Maria and now, SM Center Angono.

SM Center Angono in My Heart and Home

Of all the SM malls and centers in the country today, my favorite is the one nearest to my heart and my home – SM Center Angono.

The 50th SM mall proudly opened its doors last Friday, November 14 at 10:00 am to welcome us all.  It fully complements Angono, Rizal, the Arts Capital of the Philippines and home to the ‘Higantes Festival’, with its brightly colored exterior and artsy entrance markers.  It has two strategic entrances (one of which is a stone’s throw away from my village), is 42,000 square meters wide and has three levels.



Excited for the opening!

I am just SO thrilled (literally) to witness its opening. It was a long awaited day for me, the whole town and folks – young and old from nearby places.  For years we have been waiting and dreaming for an SM store near our place.  As early as 9am, people are lining up, eager to have a first glimpse of the place.  It was sensational! Traffic was building up! I remember having goosebumps when they began the countdown! What a joy this brings to all of us, especially this Christmas season.

We were greeted immediately by the happy and sunny ambiance of the mall. What I saw immediately was the big digital screen of the events center area capturing the stream of people coming in. Wow! there’s just so many people everywhere.  There were also a lot music and dance presentations to add to the festive mood.


Music and presentations added to the festive mood!


SM Prime Holdings President, Mr. Hans Sy with Mayor Gerry Calderon and local government officials.


Me and my friend Dianne are so happy to snag a pic with Mayor Gerry Calderon and Mr. Hans Sy.

In the afternoon, a show by Procter & Gamble was hosted by pretty Ms. World Philippines 2012 (Water) Sam Purvor and bubbly DJ Justin Quirino of 99.5 PlayFM.  The beautiful Ruffa Gutierrez graced the event.  Oh My! She’s really stunning, especially up close.


Hosts Sam Purvor and Justin Quirino with Ruffa G.

Ruffa said hello to everyone and stated that in the movie “Working Girls” she stated a line saying “May Starbucks ba sa Angono?” Everyone in the audience laughed.  I think it is so nice that she was there to welcome everyone.


Pretty Ruffa!

 So what’s in it for us?

Here are some of my favorites:


IMG_5265IMG_5266IMG_5268 IMG_5270



Some of the stores I’ll definitely buy from!

I  noticed a lot of food stores and kiosks too! There’s Razon’s, Cocoro Japanese Resto, and Savory.  Jollibee, Pizza Hut, Max’s, Red Ribbon, Goldilocks and Dairy Queen are to open soon.  There are a lot of blended drinks and snack kiosks and stalls.  Also worth waiting for is Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon, Mint and Bench.

Angono people now have a lot of choices and tambayans:  Farron Cafe, Bibingkinitan and hopefully, Starbucks!  (Oh please!)  Unofficial reports say that there is a provision for Cinemas! Wow! Another reason for us to be excited!

In addition to the Events Center and Bazaar area, SM Center Angono has designated areas that pay tribute to well known Angono artists – Charlie Anorico, Botong Francisco and Lucio San Pedro.


By Charlie Anorico


By Botong Francisco


Ugoy ng Duyan by Lucio San Pedro

There are also dedicated areas for current local artists to proudly showcase their work.  What a blessing to home grown talents and artists.  Finally, they now have a venue where people can appreciate their art!


Wood carved Miniature Higantes


Colorful Representations of Higantes on Display


Amazing Art from local artists near the entrance


More Art


And More Art as tribute to artists


Bazaar Area


More items and stuff

A Home Run in our Hearts

I have visited and frequented a lot of malls with varying sizes.  But there’s something about enjoying a place that is within your hometown because it hits you straight to the heart BIG time!  I know for sure that SM Center Angono hits a HOME run in mine and for all of us here in Angono because it is not only near our HOMES,  it is near our HEARTS! (Awww!)

God bless Angono and God bless SM!