“Mama, Where Is Your Other Hand?”

It was just one of those nights when I was putting my little boy to sleep. We were lying in bed, side by side, my left hand gently tapping him and my right hand tinkering with my phone. Then he asked, “Mama, where’s your other hand?” I was surprised. My little boy wanted both my hands. He simply wanted my sole attention, to be held and hugged. I smiled and did exactly that.


Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos.com

It dawned on me that I often multi-task. Sometimes my mind can be on auto-pilot mode that, if I am not careful, special moments can just pass me by. I have a tendency to dash through life hurried and tired. Blame it on the 21st Century! Women today have a gazillion things to do – a family to look after, relationships to handle, a home to manage and a business / career to take care of. My mom is a wonderful woman. I learned a lot in life simply by observing her. She values beauty and excellence. I was blessed to visit her in the US at spring time this year, when I learned from her all the more.

Working as a Property Manager in one of the busy districts in San Jose, California, she manages around 300 units of storage spaces. We often joke around and call it her “kingdom.”  Her “kingdom” spans around 5 to 6 houses in length, literally a block in the area. She is good at what she does – managing and looking after that big property (sometimes even after office hours), maintaining order, overseeing activities, handling clients and maintaining business relationships.

Mind you, this is just one aspect of her. Like a diamond, she has many facets. She is a wife to my dad, a mom to me and my brother, a fabulous grandma to my son, who happens to be so fond of her and her lollipops. She takes her share of looking after her mother, my 91-year-old grandma. She is also a sister, a home manager, interior decorator (ha!) and a fashion advisor. Plus, she also has ministry assignments at Church. We talk about the many things we have to do and the need to relax and enjoy each moment. Then the sun goes down and rises again and soon, we’re back to our “routines.”


Photo by Imprintpilates.com

I went to a spa visit just the other day where I treated myself a one and half hour massage. Everything was relaxing – the dim lights, the soft music and the slow, efficient kneading – the golden hands of my massage therapist. Then around after 30 minutes, I caught myself revisiting my to-do list for the night. I remembered some of the things to be done and tasks needing my attention. I have found that a massage can do just that – stimulate your thoughts and help you focused on what you have to do. However, instead of enjoying the moment at the spa, there I was, the “boss” in me, giving orders and instructions to myself.

I gently reminded myself to relax and be kind. There is a time to enjoy and a time to do things. Things can wait. There is a time for everything.

My little one taught me a lesson that night. It is funny how God seems to remind you to see more beauty in life. It’s as if I hear Him saying an ever gentle and playful “Gotcha!”

Take time to smell the roses. Listen to the soft “gotchas!”  Enjoy each season.  Be in the now.