Feed your Kids Smart with Healthy Options

My 7 year old son Lukas is picky when it comes to food. Feeding him is difficult.

He doesn’t like sweets and chocolate, cakes and ice cream which every kid loves! He loves strawberry flavored lollipops though and loves gummy bears.

He has taste only for certain dishes that he loves – Sinigang (stewed pork or fish in tamarind based soup), chicken nuggets, fried and roast chicken, congee, wanton noodles.  He prefers certain brands of crackers too! The choices are so limited that it sometimes stresses me out and worries me if he gets the right nutrition he needs.

That’s why I was so delighted to attend a session, organized by Healthy Options, with nutritionist Amanda Barnes.

Amanda Barnes in action – Treats for Kids


“Moms, Dads, YOU are in Charge!”

I learned that parents need not give up and has to take charge! On the average, it takes 8 – 10 tries before a kid likes a dish/food.  Creating healthy habits should be every parent’s goal.

Asking “How can I make it better for you?” or  “What spices can we add?” involves them in the process and gives them a “choice.”  (You know how the little ones would always want to make choices too!)

Standing firm by saying “You don’t get to try that until you have a little bit of this” will also help.

Amanda encouraged us to make healthy choices for our little ones.

We can choose food and fruits loaded with Vitamins and minerals. Plant based food are excellent choices. Herbs and  spices are powerhouses of good stuff for everyone.  It also helps when they are involved in the process and making them watch as we prepare their favorite food.

Healthy snacks may include carrot sticks, yogurt, oats, milk and fruit shakes!


Lukas loves Fruit shakes, so I now make him his favorite shakes with loads of supplements in it!  (One up for this Mama!)

Supplements are God’s gift to us. (Really!!!).

Probiotics, Spirulina, Flaxseed, honey are awesome, it can be added to any food without kids knowing it. 🙂  Note:  Been trying this ever since 🙂

LITTLE HEALTHY CHOICES – Something to start today

I was encouraged to make little healthy choices – using sesame/avocado/peanut oil than the usual canola oil or Lauric oil (which I often use). Quinoa, healthy spices are also packed with good stuff for our bodies.

We were given samples of stir fried healthy, yummy dishes and snacks. Healthy and yummy at the same time.

After the talk and the group photo, the husband (Yes, he attended too. Thanks luvs!) and I purchased supplements, quinoa, oats and other healthy stuff!

Group Photo with Amanda Barnes



I am thankful that Healthy Options is there to partner with us, parents, in creating a wholesome, healthy environment for our kids and families.

I frequent their Stores waaaay back, even before I had Lukas (I realized now that that was more than 7 years ago!) and it has been my go-to place for healthy, paraben free lotion, shampoo, organic teas and supplements too!

Then a baby and until now, Lukas’ lotion wash, shampoo, and kid’s supplements were all bought from Healthy Options as he (actually we) both have sensitive skin.

Check out my blog – My favorite Shampoo and Baby Wash way back 2015.  I wrote this for other parents whose kids have sensitive skin.

Bottom line: We have always have a choice when it comes to bringing in and preparing food for the family. Let’s Choose healthy. 




My Favorite Baby Shampoo and Wash (For Me and My Son )

My son, Lukas, and I have super sensitive skin.  My Dermatologist said that we lack a certain skin barrier that protects our skin and so we have to moisturize a lot as our skin tends to be dry, itchy, and in harsh, cold weather, may sometimes be flaky.  On the bright side, having dry skin means I very seldom have pimples.  My facial skin is clear, which was a big advantage when I hit puberty.   It is hereditary so I guess, we can say are “born this way.”

When Lukas was born, he also has dry, sensitive skin so I had to be extra careful not to use harsh chemicals on his super delicate skin.  As a result, I am always on the look out for natural, high quality, organic cleansing products that does not only cleanse but is extra good and loving to the skin and smells good too!

I am a frequent customer of Healthy Options in Megamall and Shangri la.  But it wasn’t until my son had a rash and my dermatologist recommended Nature’s Gate Baby Shampoo and Wash, that I realized it is available there. I also use Nature’s gate shampoo, conditioner and lotion as well,  so it felt great when I realized there exists a good shampoo which we can use for Lukas’ delicate hair and sensitive skin.

What I like about it:

  • Sulfate / Paraben/ Sodium Laureth/ Phthalate FREE  – no harsh chemical ingredients here!
  • Contains botanicals – Calendula, Chamomile, Orange Flower, Sweet Almond oil, Vegetable glycerin, Jojoba oil and Kernel oil
  • Smells sooooo good and clean
  • Perfect not just for babies but for my delicate skin too!!

What is amazing is that 1 heavy bottle (532 ml / 18 Fl Oz) costs less than P250.00!

I had an rash on my cheek which wouldn’t go away and the recommended cream by my dermatologist did not do a good job.  I thought of using the baby was as a cleanser for my face and guess what? The rash and itchiness went away!  Now, I use super mild cleansers but sometimes, even the mildest soap or formula that we use have chemicals in them which is not good for us.

I hope moms out there trying to find a good product for their and their baby’s delicate, sensitive skin would know about this.  Feel free to share. 🙂

Be healthy and use organic.

Cheers and Love,

Mommy Shane