My Little Pony Grand Christmas Launch @ SM Center Angono

SM Malls truly never fail to cheer and amaze young and old alike with elegant and well designed  Christmas displays and events.  Last Sunday, November 6, Angono townsfolk once again were awed as they experienced a spectacular, oh-so-grand welcoming of the Christmas season in their friendly neighborhood mall – SM Center Angono with its My Little Pony theme for the Holidays!  


My Little Pony Magical Holiday!

The event started with a fashion show  by adorable kids in their super nice costumes.




After the fashion show, formal welcome was given to officially start the program.  Everyone was encouraged to support SM Christmas Bears of Joy by grabbing the opportunity to buy a pair of bears for P200, then giving one of the bears to a less fortunate child via SM foundation – a nice way to make a difference this Christmas.



The event was graced by none other than Mayor Gerry Calderon and his family, who later officially “lighted” the mall’s beautiful centerpiece located at the upper ground floor.  He expressed his thanks to SM, in behalf of Angono folks, for helping build quality lives and adding so much merriment to the holidays!


The Equestria girls wowed everyone with their superb dance moves in their uber cute costumes.



The ponies then made an appearance – Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle encouraging cheers and claps from excited audience.



Adorable Rarity, Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle

It was then time to light the centerpiece!!!


Countdown begins and it rained confetti!


To top it off,  enter Mr. Santa!


Enter Mr. Santa!


Mr. Santa giving presents to happy kids!


Thank you SM for an opportunity to sit at Santa’s lap 🙂


My Little Pony loot bags and giveaways!


My Little Pony cupcake treats!


Cotton candy corner


Colorful rainbow candies!


This one seems happy with his face paint + take aways!

The event wouldn’t be possible without committed people behind it all.  Thank you and congratulations!


SM Center Angono  team who made this lovely event possible!


Vaniza Pachoco, Marketing Manager, SM Center Angono and SM City Masinag

Come and visit SM Center Angono and see the spectacular Christmas display for the Holidays!!  Experience a MAGICAL HOLIDAY with My Little Pony at SM Center Angono from November 6, 2016 until January 8, 2017.


Pink, dainty and lovely display.

Thank you SM for a grand, spectacular way to welcome the Holidays and celebrate the birth of Jesus!




My Cool Experience with Blogapalooza 2014

Pure excitement!

It was 3:00 am, day itself, when I confirmed that my blog was included in the 700+ registrants of Blogapalooza 2014. There’s nothing like knowing that you are officially included in an event! Especially my very first as a blogger!

The yearly event was held last October 11 at SMX Convention, Aura Premiere and was attended by more than 50 sponsors.

Goal is to connect businesses to bloggers, which basically recognizes the influence and impact of a blog post. This I find rewarding and actually cool!


I am thankful that Mommy Blogger Juvy of Mama Speaks tipped me off and encouraged me to register. We were there on time and enjoyed our time hopping from one booth to another. We enjoyed playing games and getting our pictures taken. We also enjoyed the FOOD and the FREEBIES (Cool items, gift certificates, vouchers, discount and privilege cards with the product infos!)  It is now more inspiring to write about favorite products and try out new ones as well.


Top of mind:  Some of my favorite booths were: Crocs (Oh so cool freebies!), Sample Room (loved the girly samples!), Flawless (Where I happened to pop 2 out of 3 balloons..yay!), Imagine Nation Photography, Ace Water Spa, House of Lasagna (Oh so yummy), Globe, Zing, Bioessence, Acer, Max’s, Globe, Henry’s Cameras, Ideal Vision, Acer, Canon, Dr. Kong, Maxicare, Dyson, Jergens, AMPR Publicity, SPI health & nutrition and Krispy Kreme (WhereI got to make my own donut).  Wow! Did I mention a lot? There were still many others. Will post about some of them separately.


Here’s me scoring a pic at the booth of one of my favorite places – Ace Water Spa


Here’s me with Chickie Boy of Max’s


Me with Maxicare Bear


     HOT 7 USEFUL TIPS (For Next Year):

  1. When dressing up, wear something comfortable yet smart. Remember, you represent your blog site!
  1. Bring business / calling cards – lots of them. They would come in handy when meeting event sponsors. It can also spare you the hassle of writing your name, your blog site, email address, twitter account and etc.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes so you would not get tired easily.
  1. It would also help if you have a ready internet connection with you. Some sponsors would ask you to like them on FB and Twitter. Some would ask you to take a selfie, post on instagram with the hashtags. While Wifi was provided in the center, it would be easier and faster to do that if you have a dedicated connection.
  1. Eat something before you go there. Trust me, you need the energy! Some sponsors engaged bloggers with games and dance requests. Some would even ask you to do a cheer for them.
  1. Be armed with a big eco bag. I came home with a lot of freebies inside 9 eco bags. Having a big one to hold smaller ones would truly help!


Oh Goodies!

  1. Last and MOST important: Don’t forget to smile. You will meet a lot of people there. Be ready to reach out, ask questions about products and services. Make friends who have the same love for blogging as you!

Over-all it was a wonderful event. I’m thankful to have attended it with a blogger buddy! Looking forward to next year. Will be blogging about my favorite products on my next posts.