More about Shane

Hi there!


Here are 25 things about me:

1.   I am a visual learner.

2.   I have a passion for personal growth – I love to read, write, and speak before people.

3.   I have worked for over 15 years as a corporate trainer. I believe that I am here to communicate to people.

4.   My self – crafted mission: to live a life fully lived, learn everything I can to enrich my life and love as many people as I can.

5.   I took up Psychology in UP Diliman (Push on, UP!).  I am currently enrolled in a certification course on Transformational / Solutions – Focused Life Coaching in the US.

6.   I have a vibrant son and his name is Lukas. He is amazing! He pushes me to my limits and his laughter makes my heart melt.

7.   My “happy time” is my alone time – reading, writing and creating “things of beauty.” (What? I need to recharge sometimes)

8.   I love office supplies – Notebooks, pens, clipboards, washi tapes, colored things for desks.  They make me super happy – As in!

9.   My favorite colors are purple, hot pink, teal, light blue.

10.  Federer is the best!!!!

11.   I’m an apple girl! I just love the design and zen simplicity of Apple! Thank you Steve!

12.   I am team Edward all the way!

13.   For chocolates, I love Twix and Ritter Sport.

14.   I play the keyboards and compose songs once in a while.

15.   I love viewing calligraphy videos! (Sadly, I need tons of time to practice.  I’m not good at it – yet!)

16.  I love Michael Buble’ and his songs – He’s just too cute!

17.   Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You” never fails to make me dance.

18.   I love Fried Chicken. (I can’t have this every day, I know!)

19.   I love to sing. I often sing a line or two of an appropriate/related song when I speak in public. (Why not?)

20.   I consider myself more of a creative introvert but I try to reach out as much as I can.

21.   My bucket list includes visiting Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia.

22.   Movies: I totally dig You’ve Got Mail,  Wedding Singer and Sleepless in Seattle.

23.   I like to share what I know in my heart to inspire, serve and encourage others online

24.   I know that we find our true selves when we live our lives according to God’s purpose.  I want to honor God with my life.

25.  I strongly believe that each day holds an opportunity bloom, blossom and grow. (hence this sites’ name)

How about you?

Tell me something about yourself!

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