SM Center Angono in My Heart and Home

Of all the SM malls and centers in the country today, my favorite is the one nearest to my heart and my home – SM Center Angono.

The 50th SM mall proudly opened its doors last Friday, November 14 at 10:00 am to welcome us all.  It fully complements Angono, Rizal, the Arts Capital of the Philippines and home to the ‘Higantes Festival’, with its brightly colored exterior and artsy entrance markers.  It has two strategic entrances (one of which is a stone’s throw away from my village), is 42,000 square meters wide and has three levels.



Excited for the opening!

I am just SO thrilled (literally) to witness its opening. It was a long awaited day for me, the whole town and folks – young and old from nearby places.  For years we have been waiting and dreaming for an SM store near our place.  As early as 9am, people are lining up, eager to have a first glimpse of the place.  It was sensational! Traffic was building up! I remember having goosebumps when they began the countdown! What a joy this brings to all of us, especially this Christmas season.

We were greeted immediately by the happy and sunny ambiance of the mall. What I saw immediately was the big digital screen of the events center area capturing the stream of people coming in. Wow! there’s just so many people everywhere.  There were also a lot music and dance presentations to add to the festive mood.


Music and presentations added to the festive mood!


SM Prime Holdings President, Mr. Hans Sy with Mayor Gerry Calderon and local government officials.


Me and my friend Dianne are so happy to snag a pic with Mayor Gerry Calderon and Mr. Hans Sy.

In the afternoon, a show by Procter & Gamble was hosted by pretty Ms. World Philippines 2012 (Water) Sam Purvor and bubbly DJ Justin Quirino of 99.5 PlayFM.  The beautiful Ruffa Gutierrez graced the event.  Oh My! She’s really stunning, especially up close.


Hosts Sam Purvor and Justin Quirino with Ruffa G.

Ruffa said hello to everyone and stated that in the movie “Working Girls” she stated a line saying “May Starbucks ba sa Angono?” Everyone in the audience laughed.  I think it is so nice that she was there to welcome everyone.


Pretty Ruffa!

 So what’s in it for us?

Here are some of my favorites:


IMG_5265IMG_5266IMG_5268 IMG_5270



Some of the stores I’ll definitely buy from!

I  noticed a lot of food stores and kiosks too! There’s Razon’s, Cocoro Japanese Resto, and Savory.  Jollibee, Pizza Hut, Max’s, Red Ribbon, Goldilocks and Dairy Queen are to open soon.  There are a lot of blended drinks and snack kiosks and stalls.  Also worth waiting for is Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon, Mint and Bench.

Angono people now have a lot of choices and tambayans:  Farron Cafe, Bibingkinitan and hopefully, Starbucks!  (Oh please!)  Unofficial reports say that there is a provision for Cinemas! Wow! Another reason for us to be excited!

In addition to the Events Center and Bazaar area, SM Center Angono has designated areas that pay tribute to well known Angono artists – Charlie Anorico, Botong Francisco and Lucio San Pedro.


By Charlie Anorico


By Botong Francisco


Ugoy ng Duyan by Lucio San Pedro

There are also dedicated areas for current local artists to proudly showcase their work.  What a blessing to home grown talents and artists.  Finally, they now have a venue where people can appreciate their art!


Wood carved Miniature Higantes


Colorful Representations of Higantes on Display


Amazing Art from local artists near the entrance


More Art


And More Art as tribute to artists


Bazaar Area


More items and stuff

A Home Run in our Hearts

I have visited and frequented a lot of malls with varying sizes.  But there’s something about enjoying a place that is within your hometown because it hits you straight to the heart BIG time!  I know for sure that SM Center Angono hits a HOME run in mine and for all of us here in Angono because it is not only near our HOMES,  it is near our HEARTS! (Awww!)

God bless Angono and God bless SM!


Dreams do come true (but not without action from you)

I have always wanted to travel – particularly in the US.  You see, from Manila, it seems almost impossible to go to US. Everyday, tens, if  not, hundreds of thousands apply for a visa at the US embassy and get denied.  But we took a chance, gave it our best shot and got approved! Not expecting anything, but praying only for God’s best for us.

Now we are here.  Hello happy reunions! Hello Disneyland, Universal Studios and sooo much more!



1.  Know what you want.  

What do you want to happen? Know your target! How badly do you want it? Do you want it that much? If not, just forget about it.

2.   Know why you want it. 

Have a big reason for what you’re doing. Have a compelling, moving reason. Why do you want it? What is your BIG WHY? The  bigger the why, the bigger the motivation, the greater the drive!

3.  Have a strategy.

It is easy to be overwhelmed when you have a project. Have a strategy, Create a checklist. Check online. Ask people who have  been there. Ask for tips. Ask for help if needed. Educate yourself. Be resourceful. Master your battle plan.

4.  Act on it. 

 Go get it.  Get off that comfy sofa! Schedule it. Commit to it. Decide to achieve! Move, move, move!

5.  Most importantly – Pray.

There is a great unseen mechanism that operates when we pray to our Heavenly Father. When I pray, I expect. (often called “faith”) and I tell (actually, more of “push”) myself not to worry for I am covered.  I know in my heart that whatever happens is all up to God since I gave this concern to Him.

Don’t you just love it when you just couldn’t believe that you are actually living your dream? That sense of victory, empowerment and of being alive.  Magic moment.

Dare to dream. Be brave enough to let it happen.