5 Hot Strategies for People Development

Howdy? Summer is here in Manila and already we can feel the heat!  Would like to share with you an article I wrote about Human Resources – People Development.



In an evolving organization, those who aim to develop people must have both the Passion to establish a strong learning culture and the Strategy to translate a big, often intimidating vision into meaningful goals across all levels in the organization. The key is to always bear in mind the chief end goal: To enable the organization to reach business goals.

To do this, one would have to study the culture, values, the vision, the business and the environment in which it operates. These are some thoughts – an outsider’s perspective on how JFC can develop people better, faster, at the lowest cost possible.



Have a periodic honest assessment of what is really needed vs. what is nice to have. Often, we have to challenge our existing programs and policies because they may be based on situations that may be totally irrelevant today. In an ever- changing business environment, we have to adapt well and embrace change. Which of the programs produce our desired results? Emphasize and prioritize those. Which do not contribute much? Shorten, minimize or if possible, eliminate them. Redirect budget saved to fund important programs.

Have a decision matrix to evaluate all programs, build transformation teams who can look at the current set-up and recommend actions from a fresh perspective.



Revisit data sources – Evaluation Reports, Budget Allocation, Qualitative and Feedback from VIPs and Line Leaders. Let data drive decisions. In designing programs, give careful attention to success measures – how learners will be assessed and evaluated based on current requirements and business priorities.



It is not enough to elicit good reactions and ensure that trainees learn something from the program. It is essential to create a mechanism within the organization to ensure that learnings are validated and successfully applied on the job. Training champions in leadership, line management and functional teams have to be established and activated.



Implementing technology may seem expensive at first but can benefit the organization in the long run. Virtual classrooms, online courses, e-learning, webinars and teleconferences are paving the way for learning to take place without taking people out of their assigned areas. This translates to lesser costs and greater productivity. 



Attending a seminar given by a well-known business leader or a known consulting firm can be costly. Careful evaluation must be given on who should attend such, following defined criteria. The attendees must be people who can propose mini projects based on what they learned and echo the learning to a group of people to maximize training investment. Invest in your Line Trainers, they cannot give what they don’t have and see your business grow.

Developing people is both science and art. In the end, these strategies can fly even higher when fueled by passion and a heart for people and the organization.

Do you agree?