3 Reasons to Love Sisig Hooray!

Filipinos love sisig! Early this year, SIsig Hooray opened its doors to hungry customers in SM Center Angono. Naturally, we, especially the Husband and the Brother, had to go there and try it.

Here’s sharing with you 5 things to love about Sisig Hooray (If you don’t love them already).



  1. Great Sisig with Yummy Side Dishes

They have GOOD SISIG! Sisig Hooray started as a kiosk in food courts focused only on one product – Sisig. With many happy customers, they have now expanded and one can expect great tasting sisig.

Sisig is good that customers flock into their stores.  On good days, they go on an average of 20 – 30 Kilos of pork to serve their customers.  They also have choices for the health – conscious. They have chicken and bangus sisig and Mushroom and Tofu, in case you are careful to have pork at all!

Expect your Sisig to come in a complete set of hefty servings of side dishes, depending on your meal of choice:Cucumber salad, Atsara, Ensalada, boiled banana (saba)



Open Faced Talong Con Sisig Meal



Lumping Sisig



Mushroom and Tofu


2. AFFORDABLE Meals in a Festive Setting

Food is affordable from P 89.00 (Kasilog (Kanin, Sisig and itlog ) Meals to P120.00 Pesos ( OFTS – Open-Faced Talong Con Sisig )Meals. The typical Juans and Juanas can afford these sulit meals.You can also have Tuna, Squid and Smokey OFTS for P165 – 180.00. Add P 10.00 to make it unlimited rice – “Kanin Overload”.



The expanded store concept in SM Center Angono is homey and cozy, perfect for family and friends. You constantly hear a festive beat as the sisig chopper produces an awesome rhythmic beat with his knives on the chopping block. It was amazing. You gotta hear it to know what I am saying.




Festive Beats!


Fresh Ingredients


3. Truly Filipino “Thing”

Sisig is a Filipino “thing”  and it is great to know the story behind the business. The owner, Mr. Emmanuel Balse, started his sisig business with food carts and kiosks, then upgraded to stalls in food courts which grew to several stores in Malls. His passion for food for his kababayans and our love for good food fueled the growth and expansion the business.

Inspiring to see how businesses evolved with humble beginnings!  🙂







Grilled Burgers and Wings @ Big Daddy’s

People in Rizal area need not travel far to have a taste of authentic grilled burgers, Chicken Wings, Angus Beef, Fish and Chips, Baby back ribs and Steak. (Hmmm.. now I am hungry). If you are from Angono and craved for these, the first instinct maybe ,is to travel to either Eastwood or Ortigas area. But no need as they are already in the area!

Big Daddy’s main branch is in Timog and they have now expanded to let Rizaleños enjoy their offerings. They recently opened their 9th branch in SM Center Angono after opening a branch in SM City Taytay!





The food is great. Flavors are good – strong and nice!

The price is affordable! You can have a grilled burger for P110 – 220, Pasta for P 125 – 155, Buffalo wings from P 155- 295 and Steak for P 165 – P395. Chicken Basket for around P250 to P480.


Chicken Basket



Baby Back Ribs


Seafood Penne


Double Cheese Burger


Bacon and Cheese Burger




Angus Beef


They have side dishes: Fries from P75.00 to 100 and Nachos Bravo, which is a hit at P175.00. They also have refreshing fruit coolers @ 125 each. These are good prices, especially when compared with world-famous restos in the Ortigas area.


Watermelon Cooler and Fries


Nachos Bravo



The ambiance is light and cozy. It’s a very nice and cool hang out place for friends, officemates and family, especially when you celebrate special occasions, or when you go on that special date and would want to steer away from crowded placed.




I recommend that you try them out! They are located at the 3rd floor, SM Center Angono, near the cinema.


Experience Korean Desserts with Snow Panda

Have you ever wondered how desserts in Korea tastes like?

Snow Panda is now open in SM Center Angono. They serve Korean desserts like Bing Su, Cold Teas, Smoothies, Yogurt, and Fruit Ades in so many different flavors. They also offer Korean snacks like Kimbab, Mandu and Toasts.



Nice Ambiance

Their best seller, Bing Su, is a Korean dessert that is made of shaved ice and sweet toppings like mango, watermelon, strawberry, red beans, blueberry and other fruits, topped with cream, milk and chocolates. You can get their Bing Su in different sizes – Small (Around P80.00 – P 100.00), Medium (around P130.00 – P150.00) and Large (around P200.00 to P 220.00)


Strawberry Bing Su


Mango Bing Su


Watermelon Bing Su


Blueberry Bing Su




Red Beans










‘Fried ‘Mandu


The store is attractive and inviting with white walls, cool lighting and nice pictures of their food.



Try it and experience Korean Desserts, while in the Philippines. They are located at the 2nd floor of SM Center Angono.

Great Dining at Giligan’s

Craving for Filipino food?  You’d be happy to know that Giligan’s opened another branch in SM Center Angono. Family and friends would surely enjoy well loved Filipino delicacies served well in a cozy island – inspired theme. The Alquiroses, who owns the restaurant chain, currently owns 63 branches to date and will soon expand to 72 branches by the end of 2016.


The concept came from Gilligan’s Island, a long running american sitcom about a two-man crew and 5 passengers who embarked on oa 3 – hour tour from Honolulu. They encountered a tropical storm and are shipwrecked  on an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean.  (Source: Wikipedia).  Interesting!




They have a lot of food choices that you would love! With the many choices, it is not surprising to see many groups of people lining up outside the resto!


Binagoongang Lechon Kawaii


Beef Caldereta


Chicken Salpicao


Shrimps with Tofu in Creamy Oriental Sauce (One of my favorites here)




Giligan’s fried rice


Their best-seller: Sisig

Reservations are accepted only from Mondays to Thursdays.  For Fridays and Weekends, guests are taken in on a first-come, first served/priority waiting basis.

Try their family meals and save much.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t mind getting “stuck” at Giligan’s when food is this great!


Pizza Party @ Greenwich!

Last Saturday, I and my media friends got treated to a yummy treat at Greenwich SM Angono.  Greenwich recently opened its doors in SM Angono and what better way to formally announce its presence through a great Pizza party with media, bloggers, town and friendly neighborhood officials!



I have always loved Greenwich!  The food – their pizza, chicken, pasta are always a hit and their price is affordable!  Their packages are well thought of and really gives good value for your money.



One thing I immediately noticed is the ambiance!  Greenwhich SM Angono is hip and cool with “instagrammable” eye candies on its walls.  The store concept and design is young and hip, attractive to young people and professionals.  On one side is an elevated table and bar stools and on the other side are cute and colorful designer chairs. The lighting is nice and the over all feel of the store is fresh and young!




“Instagramable Wall Art”

Topping the celebration is this giant, grand pizza which is only served when there is a special event. Wow! This is one BIG Pizza!



Is this pizza big or what?

Here’s what you can try the next time you dine at Greenwich:


Fit for Summer: Cool Hawaiian Lemon Slush


For Dine in or take out?


This alone made my day! Cheezy Garlic bread!



Great tasting Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza for you and your family/friends!


Crispy parmesan Chicken, anyone?


Thick  biggie Fries!


For dessert, Choco Banana Crisp (Reminds me of Nutella!)


What party isn’t complete without music?  The crowd was serenaded by an acoustic band, adding to the festive vibe!


We all felt the excitement during the Pizza eating contest. Various groups were represented – media/bloggers, town, municipal officers and school administrators joined the fun!  The prize for the winner? The winning group members will each get a free Pizza for the year card.



Fun (and funny) Pizza eating contest! 


Angono Town Mayor Gerry Calderon graced the event, with Greenwich and Municipal Officers

I was lucky enough to be given a “Free Pizza for a Year” card!  YEY!  All the more reason to be back with family and friends! Baked, hot, Overloaded Pizza! Yum yum! 🙂

Luv u Greenwich- to the last bit!


Krispy Kreme Spreads Joy in a Box in Angono


The Krispy Kreme doughnut frenzy sweeps over Manila with the opening of Krispy Kreme’s newest stores in SM Makati and SM Angono.


Opening at SM Center Angono


We are now OPEN!

Delighted Krispy Kreme fans queued up at Krispy Kreme’s SM Center Angono’s stores on their grand opening day to purchase one dozen of Krispy Kreme’s mouthwatering Joy in a Box.  As a sweet surprise, customers received half a dozen on yummy Original Glazed doughnuts  – all for free! Krispy Kreme enthusiasts may also enjoy Krispy Kreme’s wide range of fresh and premium doughnuts, savory treats and beverages with their friends and loved ones inside the branch or by ordering through the Krispy Kreme mobile app any time, any day.


Yummy treats!


“Krispy Kreme is pushing the boundaries of delighting Filipinos with every Joy in a Box that comes out of our stores.  It’s an experience that begins with love for Krispy Kreme’s yummy treats and the passion to share this joyful experience with our friends.” said Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines.


Interview with Ms. Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager with Angono Mayor Gerry Calderon

Learn more about the latest delectable treats from Krispy Kreme via http://www.krispykreme.com.ph.  Guess What?  They also have an app where you can have your doughnuts in just a few taps on your mobile phone! (Will tell you more about it in another post.)

Get in the loop and check out Krispy Kreme on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: (KrispyKremePH). Share and experience your own #JoyInABox with Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is located at the upper ground floor of SM Center Angono.




With an unexpected love note 🙂


Of course I had to wear the hat!


With happy friends! #JoyinABox!

Chicken Deli – Bacolod delights for the whole family and Barkada!

Heads up! Bacolod’s own CHICKEN DELI-cious proudly opened its first branch in Rizal last Friday, October 30, 2015.  If you are from nearby areas and wanted good Filipino food that’s oh-so-yummy, delicious,  affordable and “sulit” (good value for money), then you should try Chicken Deli.

deco (2)



The ambiance reminded me of Bacolod when we went there a couple of year’s back – homey, simple, traditional hearty cooking.

Chicken Deli started 1983 in Bacolod. Their best sellers include their special flavored Inasal along with favorites Kare-Kare, Lechon Kawali, Bangusito, Pork BBQ, Liempo, Sisig, Sinigang and Angus Beef Tapa   Their Chicken Deli-cious meals come with “Kanin all you can” (unlimited rice) and free soup. No wonder, people are lining up.

My friends and I were able to try their Big Game meals – a sampler of their best sellers. We had refills of their Special Kare-Kare sauce and had extra orders of rice. (Oh dear)!

Big Game Meal 1:  Pechopak, Liempo, Bangusito, Pork Sisig, Binagoongang Kangkong, Talong KBS, Soup and 1.5 liter Pepsi (P549.00)

Big Game Meal 2: Paa, 2 sticks pork BBQ, Squid Sisig Lechon Kawali, Kangkong with Garlic, Talong KBS, Soup and 1.5 liter of Pepsi (P579.00)

Big Game Meal 3: Paa, Lechon Kawali, Baguisito, Kare-Kare, Kangkong with Garlic, Soup and 1.5 liter of Pepsi (P629.00)





I was able to try their Halo Deli with CD Caramel (P75) and wow! it was really special. The caramel topping is really unique and delicious with just the right amount of sweetness.


James Yap is the current endorser of Chicken Deli, being an Ilonggo himself and a fan of Chicken Deli even way before he became an endorser.




Chicken Deli is located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM Center Angono.  You may visit their website for more information.

Try CHICKEN DELI and be DELIghted. 🙂



Yellow Cab is now in Town!

Ahhhh Pizza!  There are days when I simply crave for it.   I have always loved Yellow Cab so I’m really happy when they finally formally opened at SM Taytay. They did so with a bang!


IMG_2190 IMG_2196

As treat to us bloggers, they allowed us straight to their kitchen to make ourselves a good looking pizza! I noted that we had to wear a hair net and an apron.  I had to wash my hand with soap and water, sanitize and wear a pair of transparent gloves so everything is clean.  I was made to choose between a New York’s Finest and Chicken Barbecue Pizza -I chose the first, of course. 🙂


No wonder their pizza tastes so fine!  Mighty ingredients!



My pizza project going in the oven!



I made this pizza!



Pizza, Chicken wings!!

Yellow Cab SM Taytay opened with a contest Man vs. Pizza where everyone is given an 18-inch NY Classic pizza to consume within 30 minutes.  The person who ate the most wins a 6-month supply of gooooood Pizza.  It was really fun!


Round 1 – Can’t believe there were ladies joining this eat-all-you-can contest!


Round 2 – These are pros..

All in all, simply fun, great food, great pizza!



Yellow Cab Pizza is now open at the BPO Building in SM City Taytay. You can get more information via http://www.yellowcabpizza.com.  Their delivery hotline is 789-9999.

Pancake House Now Open at SM City Taytay

When I think of Pancake house, I think of family, celebrations, quality time with loved ones and delightful time with good friends. I have always loved their pan chicken, tacos and their signature pancakes up to this day.  Naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Pancake house is now at SM City Taytay.

This Filipino owned company has been around since 1974.  This is their 2nd branch in Rizal.


Preparations for the formal opening


Taytay Mayor Janet De Leon Mercado and Chief Operating Officer Gretz Florencio Rivera formally opened Pancake House branch in SM City Taytay last August 8.

The place seems so inviting, with its warm yet modern accents added to the over all “homey” theme. Diners would surely enjoy not just the food but the experience as well.


Accents on the wall

Notice a message for you?  Your place mat would have a message and mine was “Made for you.”  I appreciated the nice touch! 🙂


Personal touch

Signature Dishes

Let me start with my favorite! – The House Specials Set with Pan fried chicken (with their special gravy), Spaghetti with meat sauce, Taco and Iced Tea. Truly #cravingsatisfied!


House Specials Set P262


A classic!


Hamburger Steak Special Set P262


The Club Sandwich

I also got to witness the ceremonial pancake cutting which meant that the store is now ready to bring good food and happy dining experience to its customers.


Glorious Pancakes for the ceremonial cutting

Pancake house is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m at SM City Taytay (just across National Bookstore). You may visit their site at http://www.pancakehouse.com.ph or get in touch with them through their official Facebook or Twitter account.

Come Visit!

Bagnetified! at SM Taytay

Last July 25, I attended a photography workshop sponsored by Rizal Media and Bloggers community.  After the workshop, we visited Bagnetified! for a friendly get together.  I have heard about it from friends and I was excited to try it for myself.

An uncle is from Ilocos and once in a while when he goes home  place, he would come home with Bagnet for us (Actually, we would order from him).  All of us would be excited for it.  Now, we can have bagnet all we want because Bagnetified is now in SM Taytay! (Yay!)

First impression of the place:  Cool place! I love the neat red and white color of the place. I also like the wall design.



All things Bagnet – yummy (and sinful) 🙂



Kare-Kare Bagnetified P279

Their Kare-Kare is good and tasty.  Sauce is thick and meat is tender.


Bagnetified Rice P199


(Sizzling) Sisig bagnetified P289)

Their smoking hot sisig is flavorful!  You’ve gotta try it.


Bagnetified Burger with free iced tea (P149)

I love the taste and the colorful presentation of this burger!


Bagnetified!is now in SM Taytay, BPO Building (IT park). Will surely come back and bring hubby along! 🙂