3 Reasons to Love Sisig Hooray!

Filipinos love sisig! Early this year, SIsig Hooray opened its doors to hungry customers in SM Center Angono. Naturally, we, especially the Husband and the Brother, had to go there and try it.

Here’s sharing with you 5 things to love about Sisig Hooray (If you don’t love them already).



  1. Great Sisig with Yummy Side Dishes

They have GOOD SISIG! Sisig Hooray started as a kiosk in food courts focused only on one product – Sisig. With many happy customers, they have now expanded and one can expect great tasting sisig.

Sisig is good that customers flock into their stores.  On good days, they go on an average of 20 – 30 Kilos of pork to serve their customers.  They also have choices for the health – conscious. They have chicken and bangus sisig and Mushroom and Tofu, in case you are careful to have pork at all!

Expect your Sisig to come in a complete set of hefty servings of side dishes, depending on your meal of choice:Cucumber salad, Atsara, Ensalada, boiled banana (saba)



Open Faced Talong Con Sisig Meal



Lumping Sisig



Mushroom and Tofu


2. AFFORDABLE Meals in a Festive Setting

Food is affordable from P 89.00 (Kasilog (Kanin, Sisig and itlog ) Meals to P120.00 Pesos ( OFTS – Open-Faced Talong Con Sisig )Meals. The typical Juans and Juanas can afford these sulit meals.You can also have Tuna, Squid and Smokey OFTS for P165 – 180.00. Add P 10.00 to make it unlimited rice – “Kanin Overload”.



The expanded store concept in SM Center Angono is homey and cozy, perfect for family and friends. You constantly hear a festive beat as the sisig chopper produces an awesome rhythmic beat with his knives on the chopping block. It was amazing. You gotta hear it to know what I am saying.




Festive Beats!


Fresh Ingredients


3. Truly Filipino “Thing”

Sisig is a Filipino “thing”  and it is great to know the story behind the business. The owner, Mr. Emmanuel Balse, started his sisig business with food carts and kiosks, then upgraded to stalls in food courts which grew to several stores in Malls. His passion for food for his kababayans and our love for good food fueled the growth and expansion the business.

Inspiring to see how businesses evolved with humble beginnings!  🙂







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