K Hotel and Residences, Pampanga – A Review

We wanted a quick family getaway for the long weekend and we thought of going North – NOT too north like Ilocos as we wouldn’t like that much time to travel, but someplace just a few hours away from Manila. Our top 2 choices – Tagaytay or Pampanga.  We chose the latter. After a quick look at Expedia.com. I was able to book a a room at K Hotel and Residences.   It was (a bit of) a challenge looking for a big room which can cater to 5 people +1 kid. With patience and lots of prayers, I was able to get a big room with 2 King beds which can cater to 6 people. Yey!







The hotel entrance and lobby

K Hotel and Residences (formerly Grandview hotel)

I like the hotel. Half of the hotel is under renovation but I like that it is cozy and cheerful. It has a wide lobby with a big sofa perfect for photo opportunities with your friends and family. The carpeted, lamp-lit hallways can be a bit eerie but music coming from the speakers improved the view. Staff were also very friendly.

We were assigned a dedicated parking lot in the hotel basement and it was well guarded. I was personally thankful for it. Some of the hotels and inns in the area do not have a secured parking lot. Their guests parked their cars just in front of the building. I doubt if that is secured at all. Anyway, we were all happy we didn’t have to worry about the car.

We were happy with the room. (Thank you God!) The King Premium room was (or seems to be) newly renovated. It is wide, bright and just perfect for us.


Two King beds for our wide, spacious room

Wifi was a bit of a problem at that time (We were told there was a problem with the connection, hope they resolve this soon.) The room came equipped with a good big bathroom with a tub, room ref, TV and the usual complimentary bottled water and coffee.






I also like their outdoor pool located at the top floor of the hotel. Just perfect for the family. The view is pleasant and you can’t help but feel relaxed when you see a big portion of the area. There were chairs and tables to put your things in and have your snacks. There was a tall wall with flowing water, similar to a water fall. There was a also a small Jacuzzi in the corner of the pool.



Outdoor pool







We stayed for 2 nights costing us only P6,000.00. We were able to relax and get our much needed sleep. We had a happy family time and go to Nayong Pilipino and eat at Pampanga’s well known Binulo restaurant. The location is perfect as it is very near a 7/11 convenience store and a string of fast food joints – Jollibee, Chowking etc..



Happy family

It really was such a special time for the family  It was such a blessing to have discovered K Hotel and Residences.

This is an unbiased review.


What my Yaris 2016 taught me

“Nice Car!” this is the usual reaction I get when people see my white Toyota Yaris 2016. I bought one 3 days before my birthday.

Toyota has been my family’s trusted car brand ever since so naturally, Toyota on top of my list.  And since Toyota is very much known for its durability, quality and reliability, it was the obvious choice for me. We visited several show rooms and I immediately fell in love with the Yaris.



I was drawn to the classic, elegant, hip look. I have always loved hatchbacks as the streets are usually filled with Sedans.   Later on, I learned that the name Yaris is combination of a Greek word “Charis” which means beauty, grace and elegance and the German “Ya” which means “yes.”

I also came across a super cool and pretty Yaris commercial done by Katie Perry which all the more made me decide it is the car for me. You may click the link to see it.


Our family needed a more reliable car so we opted to buy a new one.  Our 16-year old trusted Toyota XL named “Toyi” is still with us but there are times when repairs are needed so we had to have a new one.

It all started with a need, followed by online research and showroom visitations to see the actual unit. Choosing a bank to  help with the purchase is a challenge because there are so many choices! I decided to pay more for the downpayment so I can pay a smaller monthly amortization.  By the way, do note that there is a big price difference when you choose to talk to a dealer. With a dealer, you can have a car by paying a super low downpayment, with a higher monthly amortization.

I got my car via UnionBank.  My Relationship Managers – Mr. VJ Vergara and Geneberlaine Santiago Garde are so friendly and accommodating, especially when I had LOTS of questions.  (Oh, you may reach them at tel no. 667-6388 loc 8586 or via email gasantiago@unionbankph.com.) They referred me to a nice dealer, signed the needed documents with the hubby, paid the downpayment and got my car the next day!



Proud and happy owner

But that is now what I want to talk about today. Here are 3 lessons learned.


A faith goal is a list of Goals that I do every start of the year.  I prayerfully list my goals and pray for them. My Faith goal list 2006 includes a new car, but I didn’t go for it, It was just there- a faith goal on paper–pero when I earnestly prayed for it (10 years after) and wanted it! VOOM! God caused things to fall into place! You really, really, really have to want it.


In my case, I had to save and keep a portion of my salary and dedicate it to my dream. It went through the “boring” route of saving every payday pero I believe that God honored my little act of faithfulness and blessed it!  Also, there was an unexpected blessing which only God can do!


We have an old, sturdy car, Toyi, which we still use.  There are moments when the temp goes up so the Husband would park on the side of the road to put water in the radiator.  These are moments when I say a little prayer to God – “Lord, I know You will bless us with a New Car in Your time.”

I also resolved in my heart that we will have a new car to service my family who will be visiting from the US.  I will drive for them as a way of giving back, and showing my love.

I am done with my driving lessons and can now drive short distances.  May I have the courage and confidence to drive and park on my own.

Any driving tips for me? 

Yippee! I am now a happy car owner!