Pizza Party @ Greenwich!

Last Saturday, I and my media friends got treated to a yummy treat at Greenwich SM Angono.  Greenwich recently opened its doors in SM Angono and what better way to formally announce its presence through a great Pizza party with media, bloggers, town and friendly neighborhood officials!



I have always loved Greenwich!  The food – their pizza, chicken, pasta are always a hit and their price is affordable!  Their packages are well thought of and really gives good value for your money.



One thing I immediately noticed is the ambiance!  Greenwhich SM Angono is hip and cool with “instagrammable” eye candies on its walls.  The store concept and design is young and hip, attractive to young people and professionals.  On one side is an elevated table and bar stools and on the other side are cute and colorful designer chairs. The lighting is nice and the over all feel of the store is fresh and young!




“Instagramable Wall Art”

Topping the celebration is this giant, grand pizza which is only served when there is a special event. Wow! This is one BIG Pizza!



Is this pizza big or what?

Here’s what you can try the next time you dine at Greenwich:


Fit for Summer: Cool Hawaiian Lemon Slush


For Dine in or take out?


This alone made my day! Cheezy Garlic bread!



Great tasting Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza for you and your family/friends!


Crispy parmesan Chicken, anyone?


Thick  biggie Fries!


For dessert, Choco Banana Crisp (Reminds me of Nutella!)


What party isn’t complete without music?  The crowd was serenaded by an acoustic band, adding to the festive vibe!


We all felt the excitement during the Pizza eating contest. Various groups were represented – media/bloggers, town, municipal officers and school administrators joined the fun!  The prize for the winner? The winning group members will each get a free Pizza for the year card.



Fun (and funny) Pizza eating contest! 


Angono Town Mayor Gerry Calderon graced the event, with Greenwich and Municipal Officers

I was lucky enough to be given a “Free Pizza for a Year” card!  YEY!  All the more reason to be back with family and friends! Baked, hot, Overloaded Pizza! Yum yum! 🙂

Luv u Greenwich- to the last bit!



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