My Joy Resolutions

January is almost gone and here I am wondering how fast it went. I was so busy with work, one deadline after another, rolling out a program, minding and managing stakeholders.  Here I am, 4th week of the month with a headache, feeling tired.

What happened?  You may ask.  I lost it, I lost my inspiration, my creativity and my joy.  I dropped something without realizing it,  only to realize its loss after a thousand steps of chasing deadlines at work.  Now I’m tired, unhappy and feeling bland. I do not know, honestly, if you can relate with me.

My previous boss, a VP for Training and Development  just passed away. He was working out, had a stroke, was operated on and after a couple of weeks left us all.  He was always full of energy.  He is a true trainer, a learner, a lover of books.   His passing made me realize something – life is so short. Too short not to utilize your strengths. Too short not to choose to be happy everyday.  You never know when you’ll go so you make every moment count.



             Joy can be found in appreciating little things


So, since this is the start of the NEW YEAR, I want to make a pact with myself and be gracious to my creative, inner child.

I resolve to:


  • Create something and letting me be the final judge, saying to myself, “this is how I want it to look” and “Well done.”
  • Write
  • Colors – Water colors, doodle, calligraphy, drawing
  • Music – Keyboards, Singing.  I haven’t sang a decent song in ages!
  • Just pamper myself with peace, quiet and alone time
  • Read a good book and just chill


  • Meditate on God’s goodness, beauty, grace
  • Read more and make time to see positives (positive+s literally)
  • Recharge my depleted “joy battery” and trade my “sorrows” for His joy
  • Bask in His love
  • Build a grateful and thankful attitude in life


  • My work is a blessing and a platform to showcase my talents
  • It is about my family
  • Family then work – it is actually not that complicated
  • Work 8 hours in the office and enjoy family once we go home
  • Work and life balance – it is not a myth! It simply boils down to management

For one, I am grateful for this time to blog – my first time for the year. I am aware that I have to make some changes starting now.  Some minor, others, major. But that is for another post.

If you can relate with me, please drop a line or two and please share how you go on feeling excited and glad that you don’t just exist, but live and thrive, and have that happy, zesty vibe.




Some words from you please...

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