A quest to find harmony and balance

I started this blog Sunday evening with another work week ahead.  Barely a year into my  job and I already dread coming to work.  Oh dear! There are so many deliverables at work and I guess, no matter what kind of time management hack I do (read: mind mapping, listing down things I should do, putting them in quadrants based on urgency and importance etc..) these all help – but it just couldn’t get all the work done and it frustrates me a bit.

After church yesterday afternoon, we went and ordered pizza and pasta and then went for cake and coffee.  The husband and the little boy went to a big toy store and I had my precious alone time there at Ms. Polly’s savoring their delicious yummy chocolate and caramel cake.  There, in the middle savoring that delightful slice of cake at around 3:30 p.m. I asked God why I feel so… bland; I asked him why I can’t be like Lukas, so happy and free and excited at the toy store.  Something’s amiss and I really cannot put a finger on it.  And then in a flash I had an insight. (which usually happens when you ask God a question) It dawned on me that often times my to do lists make me feel hurried and stressed that I forget to enjoy the little things in life. I can be in a lovely place yet, my mind is elsewhere, like cog wheels in a clock moving and turning non-stop like an energizer bunny.

Are you like me?

  • I often think of my family’s needs and wants and often push aside what I want
  • I often forget to value and treat myself even when I work so darn hard
  • My heart tells me often times that I need to slow down and recalibrate my life, my priorities so I can have a better perspective on things (that’s me and I need that) yet, in the name of “productivity” I did not listen and just went on crossing things off my to do list
  • I often forget to nurture my heart and honor my wishes because there’s just so many things pulling my time and attention!

and so, here I am, feeling dry and bored and heavy hearted.


In the next few days, I will try harder to restore a little balance and nurture me more so I can love my family and others more.  I’ll start by having more quality time, reading good books and meditating on His love and goodness. 🙂 I know happiness is always a choice and it begins when you focus more on the beautiful, respectful and things worthy of praise.

Happy Monday everyone!


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