On Change Management

Today I want to tell you about what I do at work.

I have been working in Human Resources for many years, mostly in Learning and Development.  I can go on and on about Training because I simply love training! Learning excites me! Maybe in my latter years, I could go back to Training or teaching or maybe try consulting (endless possibilities!).   I simply love presenting ideas to people, sharing bits and pieces of my experiences and facilitating discussions so we all learn from each other.  (This blog is actually an extension of that.) If you would ask me now if I miss Training, I’ve got two words for you: HECK YEAH!


Life happened.  2014 came and a decision has to be made. I had three options then:

  • Heading the training team of a local savings bank which will soon be acquired by a much bigger bank in the country  (which is the natural next step for me)
  • Heading OD and Training at a well-known foreign car manufacturing company (who could have given me a brand new car with the package)
  • Building (not heading) the Change Management work for an organizational-wide project at a well-known, branded global firm, reporting to an offshore, Australian based lead.

It was a difficult choice back then, but I followed my heart and decided with much prayers.  I chose that which would stretch me – a new territory.


It was a leap of faith for me to try other HR stuff after more than a decade of being in Training.  But I’ve always toyed with the idea of being in Organizational Development –  learning about how organizations thrive and how HR partners with the business to make it profitable, efficient and productive. I guess, almost a year into the job, I could say that with God’s guidance, I made the right choice.

Change management is all about people.  With the many changes happening today, thriving organizations have to be agile. Leadership choices are made, directions are set and at the end of the day, business goals would have to be realized.  But to implement policies, act on directions and realize profit, great organizations are keen on managing the human (often messy) side of the change.  This is where it gets tricky.

For any HR or business initiative to be successful, people would have to be on board. Communications, engagement and stakeholder management should be a priority.  It is of utmost importance that we appeal to both the MIND and the HEART so changes would be accepted and adopted. To do that, is both science and art.


Let’s just say, It is a worthy challenge.  I’m blessed to have all the wonderful years of experience in Training and Development which helps me see things from various “frames of references” which should come naturally for experienced trainers. This helps me make it easier for people to relate to and eventually love the change effort.

I am still learning and will learn a lot more.  Among my influences are John Kotter, Chip and Dan Heath and William J. Rothwell whom I had the privilege of meeting in a workshop I attended at InterContinental Hotel, Makati along with other OD and Change Management practitioners.

11900053_868090433282948_7953813099167341715_n OD and Change Management guru William Rothwell with our work group
11902534_868085963283395_7339401324787967675_n Professor William Rothwell with the rest of the attendees.

What is amazing is that change principles for organizations are very much applicable in real life as it deals with people’s behavior (which constitutes organizational behavior).

I believe that we are to bloom where we are planted.  This is my box for now and I hope and pray that I do just that.


A quest to find harmony and balance

I started this blog Sunday evening with another work week ahead.  Barely a year into my  job and I already dread coming to work.  Oh dear! There are so many deliverables at work and I guess, no matter what kind of time management hack I do (read: mind mapping, listing down things I should do, putting them in quadrants based on urgency and importance etc..) these all help – but it just couldn’t get all the work done and it frustrates me a bit.

After church yesterday afternoon, we went and ordered pizza and pasta and then went for cake and coffee.  The husband and the little boy went to a big toy store and I had my precious alone time there at Ms. Polly’s savoring their delicious yummy chocolate and caramel cake.  There, in the middle savoring that delightful slice of cake at around 3:30 p.m. I asked God why I feel so… bland; I asked him why I can’t be like Lukas, so happy and free and excited at the toy store.  Something’s amiss and I really cannot put a finger on it.  And then in a flash I had an insight. (which usually happens when you ask God a question) It dawned on me that often times my to do lists make me feel hurried and stressed that I forget to enjoy the little things in life. I can be in a lovely place yet, my mind is elsewhere, like cog wheels in a clock moving and turning non-stop like an energizer bunny.

Are you like me?

  • I often think of my family’s needs and wants and often push aside what I want
  • I often forget to value and treat myself even when I work so darn hard
  • My heart tells me often times that I need to slow down and recalibrate my life, my priorities so I can have a better perspective on things (that’s me and I need that) yet, in the name of “productivity” I did not listen and just went on crossing things off my to do list
  • I often forget to nurture my heart and honor my wishes because there’s just so many things pulling my time and attention!

and so, here I am, feeling dry and bored and heavy hearted.


In the next few days, I will try harder to restore a little balance and nurture me more so I can love my family and others more.  I’ll start by having more quality time, reading good books and meditating on His love and goodness. 🙂 I know happiness is always a choice and it begins when you focus more on the beautiful, respectful and things worthy of praise.

Happy Monday everyone!