A Thousand Cheers!

I have decided to have another blog site. It took me a long while to think of a name and finally I was able to make my choice – A THOUSAND CHEERS.  I have this blog but I’d like to grow more and do more, so I thought having another one.

Why “A Thousand Cheers”? Well, here’s a short list I made:

  • To cheer is to encourage, I want to spread cheers and instill hope and courage to everyone I meet
  • I have a vision for this blog to be bigger than me and my simple, often predictable, life
  • I want to help others feel the sunshine and so brighten their day with the stories I share with them
  • I hope to help (myself and others) find and focus on (the often ignored) soooo many reasons to be cheerful

So what makes me cheerful?

Simple things – My son Lukas’ butterfly kisses on my cheek in the morning, his tight, little superman hugs; My husband’s loving effort to drive me wherever I want to go, enough money in my wallet to book a facial or buy a book or buy food! This macbook air (that I use now) which I bought and paid in full from my retirement money (from my previous work as a banker of 8 years–long story) and I could go on and on…


Lukas riding his first bike

You see, life is challenging enough and each day brings enough problems on its own.  We live in an imperfect world and we may not have that happy ending we wanted in this lifetime, BUT we are here and there are a lot of good things still.  Let’s look for them, together, and add it in our gratitude list.  I bet (really) we’ll surprise ourselves.

Cheers and love!

Shane 🙂



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