A Thousand Cheers!

I have decided to have another blog site. It took me a long while to think of a name and finally I was able to make my choice – A THOUSAND CHEERS.  I have this blog but I’d like to grow more and do more, so I thought having another one.

Why “A Thousand Cheers”? Well, here’s a short list I made:

  • To cheer is to encourage, I want to spread cheers and instill hope and courage to everyone I meet
  • I have a vision for this blog to be bigger than me and my simple, often predictable, life
  • I want to help others feel the sunshine and so brighten their day with the stories I share with them
  • I hope to help (myself and others) find and focus on (the often ignored) soooo many reasons to be cheerful

So what makes me cheerful?

Simple things – My son Lukas’ butterfly kisses on my cheek in the morning, his tight, little superman hugs; My husband’s loving effort to drive me wherever I want to go, enough money in my wallet to book a facial or buy a book or buy food! This macbook air (that I use now) which I bought and paid in full from my retirement money (from my previous work as a banker of 8 years–long story) and I could go on and on…


Lukas riding his first bike

You see, life is challenging enough and each day brings enough problems on its own.  We live in an imperfect world and we may not have that happy ending we wanted in this lifetime, BUT we are here and there are a lot of good things still.  Let’s look for them, together, and add it in our gratitude list.  I bet (really) we’ll surprise ourselves.

Cheers and love!

Shane 🙂



Yellow Cab is now in Town!

Ahhhh Pizza!  There are days when I simply crave for it.   I have always loved Yellow Cab so I’m really happy when they finally formally opened at SM Taytay. They did so with a bang!


IMG_2190 IMG_2196

As treat to us bloggers, they allowed us straight to their kitchen to make ourselves a good looking pizza! I noted that we had to wear a hair net and an apron.  I had to wash my hand with soap and water, sanitize and wear a pair of transparent gloves so everything is clean.  I was made to choose between a New York’s Finest and Chicken Barbecue Pizza -I chose the first, of course. 🙂


No wonder their pizza tastes so fine!  Mighty ingredients!



My pizza project going in the oven!



I made this pizza!



Pizza, Chicken wings!!

Yellow Cab SM Taytay opened with a contest Man vs. Pizza where everyone is given an 18-inch NY Classic pizza to consume within 30 minutes.  The person who ate the most wins a 6-month supply of gooooood Pizza.  It was really fun!


Round 1 – Can’t believe there were ladies joining this eat-all-you-can contest!


Round 2 – These are pros..

All in all, simply fun, great food, great pizza!



Yellow Cab Pizza is now open at the BPO Building in SM City Taytay. You can get more information via http://www.yellowcabpizza.com.  Their delivery hotline is 789-9999.

Pancake House Now Open at SM City Taytay

When I think of Pancake house, I think of family, celebrations, quality time with loved ones and delightful time with good friends. I have always loved their pan chicken, tacos and their signature pancakes up to this day.  Naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Pancake house is now at SM City Taytay.

This Filipino owned company has been around since 1974.  This is their 2nd branch in Rizal.


Preparations for the formal opening


Taytay Mayor Janet De Leon Mercado and Chief Operating Officer Gretz Florencio Rivera formally opened Pancake House branch in SM City Taytay last August 8.

The place seems so inviting, with its warm yet modern accents added to the over all “homey” theme. Diners would surely enjoy not just the food but the experience as well.


Accents on the wall

Notice a message for you?  Your place mat would have a message and mine was “Made for you.”  I appreciated the nice touch! 🙂


Personal touch

Signature Dishes

Let me start with my favorite! – The House Specials Set with Pan fried chicken (with their special gravy), Spaghetti with meat sauce, Taco and Iced Tea. Truly #cravingsatisfied!


House Specials Set P262


A classic!


Hamburger Steak Special Set P262


The Club Sandwich

I also got to witness the ceremonial pancake cutting which meant that the store is now ready to bring good food and happy dining experience to its customers.


Glorious Pancakes for the ceremonial cutting

Pancake house is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m at SM City Taytay (just across National Bookstore). You may visit their site at http://www.pancakehouse.com.ph or get in touch with them through their official Facebook or Twitter account.

Come Visit!

Bagnetified! at SM Taytay

Last July 25, I attended a photography workshop sponsored by Rizal Media and Bloggers community.  After the workshop, we visited Bagnetified! for a friendly get together.  I have heard about it from friends and I was excited to try it for myself.

An uncle is from Ilocos and once in a while when he goes home  place, he would come home with Bagnet for us (Actually, we would order from him).  All of us would be excited for it.  Now, we can have bagnet all we want because Bagnetified is now in SM Taytay! (Yay!)

First impression of the place:  Cool place! I love the neat red and white color of the place. I also like the wall design.



All things Bagnet – yummy (and sinful) 🙂



Kare-Kare Bagnetified P279

Their Kare-Kare is good and tasty.  Sauce is thick and meat is tender.


Bagnetified Rice P199


(Sizzling) Sisig bagnetified P289)

Their smoking hot sisig is flavorful!  You’ve gotta try it.


Bagnetified Burger with free iced tea (P149)

I love the taste and the colorful presentation of this burger!


Bagnetified!is now in SM Taytay, BPO Building (IT park). Will surely come back and bring hubby along! 🙂

Dine ‘n Dash: Serving Great American Comfort Food

If you’re the type who loves quality, grilled burgers and other “related” food, then I’ve got news for you!  Dine ‘n Dash opened its doors last July 30 at SM City Taytay- IT Park. They serve quality American comfort food (read: burgers, wings, fish, fries, pasta etc..) that’s meant to dash their way to your hearts and tummies.  What’s more is that you can have them at an affordable price!

I sampled their Texas Buffalo burger made of breaded chicken breast fillet topped with bleu cheese and tomato.  So yummy and definitely an alternative for those who wanted chicken meat in their burgers.


Texas Buffalo Burger (P119)

Sally’s (Salibury steak) is a real treat, served with special gravy, rice and fries.  I love their Big Fish-  tender cream dory fillet with sauce and fries!


Entree’s: Sally’s (P119), The Big Fish (P119) and Texas Buffalo

Their wings are amazing!  You can choose from 4 flavors – Classic, Hot and spicy, Garlic Parmesan and Barbecue.  You may choose from these dips: Chipotle Mayo, Aioli, Bleu Cheese and Honey Mustard.  I tell you these are good wings and comparable to restos well known for their wings 🙂



Wings – Twin: 5-7 pcs for P179 and Party: 8-12 pcs for P279


I loved their pasta selection as well. My favorite is the Seafood Bleu Cheese.  I’ve never tasted anything like it and since I like cheese, it actually made its mark. I’ll definitely order this.  It has squid, shrimp and clams.  It is really so good.


My favorite: Seafood Bleu Cheese Pasta!! P159



Chicken Aglio Olio (129)

Now these two burgers are awesome! The Fantastic 4 Cheese burger is 1/3 pounder grilled beef patty enriched with 4 types of melted cheese – mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and bleu cheese! (Oh yumminess!) The signature finisher is soo good as well with onions and a slice of cheese (as you can see in the picture below)!


Fantastic 4 cheese burger (P179)



Signature Finisher (P179)

Dine ‘n Dash is managed by a husband and wife team, June and Cynthia Go. The husband chef is in charge of operations while the wife in charge of marketing and PR – sweet! .  I like the store’s cozy interior, perfect hang out place for family dining and time with friends. I will definitely visit them again, this time with my family!


Their store is located at G/F SM BPO Bldg (IT park), SM City Taytay, Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal. You may reach them at 296-6360.  They are open every day from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.  email: dinendash13@yahoo.com   Facebook: facebook.com/dinendashburgers.