10th Anniversary Getaway (Part 1) – Serenity Suites, Antel Makati

June 18 marked our 10th year wedding anniversary and it called for a celebration! The original plan was to go out of town, but since we also celebrated Lukas’ 4th birthday the previous day – June 17th, we decided to have a staycation in a hotel in the city.  Our original plan was to celebrate in a hotel in Ortigas area but the husband suggested that we book in Makati as Ortigas is an “all too familiar” place for both of us.

I followed his advice was led to check out Antel Hotel in Makati.  I spotted the hotel previously when I attended a blogging summit last year. I got great feedback on the internet and the location was perfect as it is so conveniently near A.Venue mall and Century city mall which I long planned to check out.  It boasts of 3 towers – A. Venue Suites, Antel Spa Suites and Serenity Suites.  The three towers are connected and in the common area, you would see their big pools – the biggest in the area. (There were actually 3 big pools and 1 kiddie pool – I counted!)

What a blessing to get a 1-bedroom suite at the Serenity Suites!  The hotel staff were courteous and did everything with a smile.   Reservation was quick and check in process was a breeze.  What I loved is the personal touch which made the day even more special! Our room was neat, charming and lovely.


Personal touch: “Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary, Sweethearts Adrian and Shane” personalized greeting,  complimentary wine and rainy day giveaway.


Our lovely, charming room!


Cozy zen inspired rest room


Love the red couch!


Dining and Kitchen area


uploaded these pictures here in this area – Wifi uploads were fast!!!


Nice!!! Pool 1 with kiddie pool on the far side


Indoor Pools #2 and 3 parallel to each other


The Husband enjoying his BIG breakfast at Cafe Azzurro


Us at Azzurro Restaurante Mediterraneo

We spent our day touring the nearby area, watching movies, eating and sampling restaurants and enjoying the city lights and the live band.  We talked about the years we had, our highs and lows, the lessons we learned and our plans for the future.  All of these, while thanking God that He wrote our love story and brought us together.

Can’t believe it has been 10 years!  Cheers!


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