Confessions of a Cheesecake-holic

I have a confession:  I am a cheese person and I have always loved Cheesecake! (Who doesn’t?) It never failed to perk me up when I’m feeling down, tired or stressed out after a long day of juggling work and completing my “to do” lists.  I usually have it in my favorite coffee shop, with coffee (that’s a given) and a good book in tow.  With these, I must say, I can truly relate to the words of Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic: “the world seems better, the world is better..”   I simply love the feel and the rich taste of the cake when it melts in my mouth.

That’s why I am so happy to learn that Dolce Trio, a budding homegrown brand in my town, makes super yummy cheesecakes! Pastry Chef Glenn’s cakes is on top of my fave things.  The chef and his lovely wife Lara follow western international standards, having built their careers abroad.

I tried their cheesecake in a cup and immediately fell in love it!  Being a cheesecake-holic, I ordered the big one not long after that!


Dolce Trio’s Cheesecake in a cup is a marvelous, creative work!



Rich, decadent Blueberry Cheesecake!



Make no mistake! They are not only cute, they are fierce!


So soft and yummy!

I support local brands especially when quality is impeccable for much lesser price. Try it and see what I am talking about. Their operations will rest for a couple of months but orders can be made until July.

So when I am feeling tired or down, having some me time, coffee, yummy cake and inspiring books really make my day.  How do you cheer and inspire yourself?11418222_10152895832492304_15316889_n


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