Finding (and Wearing) Your Perfect Scent


“You are never fully dressed without perfume.”  ― C. JoyBell C.

Do you love wearing fragrance?  I do! Not only does it “complete” my look, it gives me joy and motivates me to head out the door and do what I have to do.  I find that it adds beauty not just to the senses, but helps prep my emotions as well.

It is no wonder that even the Bible speaks of fragrance – of cinnamon, precious oil, myrrh and incense.  If ever you are feeling down, Proverbs 27 states that oil and perfume makes the heart glad. In my case, my favorite perfume really does lift my spirits! As in!

But did you know that is actually a better way to find that perfect scent and properly wear them?



When it comes to scents, you’ve got to shop around. Try before you buy.  Choosing a scent is just so subjective that you may actually have to look around for the one that “fits” you.  Don’t just try a recommendation by a friend, what may be good on them may not be for you.  Our own body chemistry actually plays a big part when choosing scents.


Notice that each scent has “top” and “bottom” notes.  Make sure you love both.  The first thing you smell is the “top” or the “sales” note.  After 30 minutes to an hour, the scent you smell is now the “bottom” note.  Do you like both?  This would help you decide if the scent complements you.


To find “your” scent, try  to think about when (season or occasion) you’ll be wearing it.  During summer for example, you may opt for something citrus or something refreshingly light.  What you may wear to hang out with your friends might be different with what you’ll opt to wear for dates with someone special.  This is helpful when you already have a collection of scents.


1.  It is best to apply fragrance to your pulse points. The warmth in these areas heat up the scent and allows you to smell it better. Pulse points are spots like behind your ears, inner elbows, wrists.

2.  Avoid rubbing wrists as you make the top notes evaporate quickly. Such a waste!

3.  Avoid spraying on your clothes – they may leave a mark, or worse, stains!

4. Some people I know spray very lightly on their nape and hair.


Remember to keep them in a dry, dimly lit area, such as your closet.  Avoid the bathroom and the refrigerator as the humidity in these places may affect the chemical make in your perfume.  When properly stored, your perfume can last for 3 years (or even more)!

THE SCENT LAB and My Love for Variety

I already have a small collection of favorite designer perfumes but sometimes I’d like to try something new that doesn’t injure my bank account!

The SCENT LAB helps me to enjoy a variety of quality scents! (One thing about me, I love variety.)  They use high quality fragrance oil imported from Grasse, France.


It is long lasting because it is Eau de Parfum where the oil concentration is 20%, compared to Eau de Toilette where concentration is anywhere from  5 to 15% only.  It lasts for about 4-5 hours.

The magic here is how super close (if not surprisingly exact) these scents are to the original!  Yet, it is pocket friendly and my make-up / “kikay” kit loves it too!  I love that I can carry them around with me without a hassle! (I cannot imagine myself carrying a bulky and chunky bottle in my bag.)

Use them or give them as gifts or giveaways.  They can customize the label to include your name or business info to promote your business.

Shipping is FREE for MMla and P45 for provincial areas.  It comes in the following available sizes:

      12 ml (minimum of 2 orders)    Php 225.00

      30 ml                                        Php 250.00

      50 ml                                        Php 350.00

For orders please contact 0939- 9204475 or send a message at

Follow them at Facebook or instagram: @TheScentLabPh.

Payment is made via BDO or BPI.





  “Perfume is the most intense form of memory.”   – Jean Paul Guerlain

Bloom, BLOSSOM and grow.


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