Have you heard about ZAP?

Cash Back. Rewards. Loyalty Program. Have you heard about ZAP?

Picture this: You happen to be at your favorite merchant establishment lining up to pay for your purchase. You smile at the thought of the discount you’ll be getting using your rewards card.  The problem is, you have checked your wallet, your pockets, your bag- and every pocket in it AND YOU SIMPLY CANNOT FIND THE DARN CARD! (Familiar scenario? This happened to me – A LOT!)

Enter my newest discovery: ZAP!


I discovered ZAP just recently when I attended Blogapalooza 2014. I decided to blog about this product because I just love it when I EARN something everytime I SPEND! There’s actually a  new term for this now – “SPEARNING.”  Through ZAP, we get to enjoy 5 to 20% Cash Back from transactions made at partner establishments.

So, you purchase your dream sneakers at Adidas worth P3,000, you get 5% (P150) when you enter your mobile no. in the ZAP terminal. Then you buy milk tea at Happy Lemon or have coffee at Figaro’s using your points. Cool isn’t it?

What’s even more cool is the fact that you don’t have to carry an actual card with you! You see, my wallet can only accommodate so much. (Girls, you know what I mean!) Plus, there’s no app to download either! That’s one less dependency on mobile internet.

Simply to key-in your mobile no. and your 6-digit pin on the ZAP terminal and you earn or use your points right away!

Create your FREE account now and start spearning! Click this special REFERRAL LINK and YOU GET P50 POINTS instantly!  Once you created your account and refer friends, they get P50 points too!  You earn points as well when your friend uses ZAP for the first time!

Look for the ZAP CashBack Sign at your favorite establishments and sign in to squeeze more out of every Peso you spend.

Sign up now and be amazed with ZAP!


Photo courtesy of asiatechhub.com


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