Fight for your dreams to come to pass

“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.” 
― Langston Hughes

I enjoy having after dinner conversations with my mom and dad. When I was a teenager, we would often tease my dad of always providing us “history” lessons. These are lessons of old, old times, lessons we can glean from their family- some of whom I never got the chance to meet as they died when I was so little. As far as I can remember, he would always encourage me to dream. “Iba ang may pangarap.” (It matters when you dream), he would say. It was only when I grew up (read mid-30’s) that I understood fully in my heart what he meant.

Both my parents were born from poor families. My dad was the youngest of 12 siblings. He would often tell me and my brother how he used to walk literally on foot going to school. There were times when they simply cannot afford to buy slippers, nor shoes. In school, he would write so small on his notebook to save on pages and he would try as much as possible to lengthen the life of his pencil. He would often go to school with no money on his pocket, with only camote (sweet potato) or some root crop to fill his tummy.

My mom and her sisters were discouraged from going to school. In the 1960’s, it is but common for girls to work instead of studying, and when they grow up, they usually become housewives. When my mom and her sisters were little, My Grandpa (Lolo) Pulo was determined, despite their poverty, for them to study. After school and during weekends, the siblings would have to do some errands, gather firewood, and sell candles and other items to augment their income. Both my parents know the value of hard work in their early years. This provided a good soil in their hearts for them to dream.

Fast forward to the present, both my parents are now here in the US. God has blessed them with so much and they never forget to thank Him about these everyday. They lead simple lives and are happy about it. My dad worked abroad and have been to many places around the world. He is still employed and he enjoys making music with his dream guitar every evening. He said just looking at it makes him happy. My mom’s dream of  finishing school was realized. She not only passed her board exam in accountancy, making her a CPA, she also has her masters in Business Administration.

I realized that most great dreams are born in challenges.  Most successful people I know would be more than willing to share their stories of difficult times and how they developed the character to attain their life-dreams.

When we dream,  and as long as we are sure that it is a good dream, we have to be ready to defend it.  Others may discourage you and tell you that your dream is simply too grand and expensive. Others may tell you that it is too difficult to reach and the price to be paid is high.  Your next action depends on how strong that dream is in your heart.  While it is God who puts certain dreams in our hearts, He partners with us and lets us decide what to do with it.

What is your dream? How protective, fierce and committed are you in defending your dream?

Hold fast to that dream and don’t you let it die!



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