What is keeping you from being Brave?

A favorite Disney character of mine is Princess Merida of Brave.  Aside from the red hair, I loved her spirit.  She was filled with spunk, which was not a norm for a princess of her time.  She had to be fragile and docile, or at least, act as one. 

I would love to tell you that  for the most part of my life, I was brave.  Sadly, that is not the case.   There were times when I simply could not make certain BIG decisions as I tend to spend a lot of time weighing pros and cons and then, I get stuck in the process!  And I do get stuck for a long time!  Sometimes, this process of weighing things just gets me nowhere.  It kills momentum.  It robs me of joy and simply thwarts inspiration.  Oh, I’m all for planning, but planning too much for the dress rehearsal and burying, if not, forgetting, the thought of the real curtain act can be so frustrating.  


I can tell you that some of the defining moments in my life was when I said “yes” to life and just “digged-in” with a whole bunch of prayers in my pocket.   My most unforgettable moments happened when I simply had faith that things will be OK and that God has the best plans for me in mind.  For me this included getting married, shifting careers, quitting my job, going to the US, taking classes.  etc..

I guess we all have to accept that life happens to us.  As much as we would like to control it, we couldn’t.  The days in our lives are woven together so tightly as an intricate fabric-  with bright and happy colors, as well as gloomy, sad ones. The best part is that when we look at our lives, years later, we realize that we have created a lovely pattern where dark colors give life to the fabric as bright ones.  Image

Image courtesy of exalted-beauty.blogspot.com

  We have to embrace the fact that our lives are short and that these uncertainties make it more complicated and yet exciting.  One realization is that the more you control things, the more miserable you would be.  When you release and let go,  the more free and happy you’ll become. 
Being brave is a conscious decision we make everyday.  When I grow old, I want to say that I have lived bravely and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Ditch the dilly-dallies and live the brave life you’ve always wanted. 


2 thoughts on “What is keeping you from being Brave?

  1. I can dig what you said about the contrast in our lives makes it more interesting. Imagine solving a 5000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle with an image of a sailboat in the middle of the sea. Solving the pieces of the puzzle for the blue sea is either discouraging if not frustrating. But if all you build is for the sailboat, it represents a life that is incomplete.


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