In Between Blessings

Easter time! After Church, the relatives gathered to an aunt’s home to celebrate. Spring season has officially started and flowers (well most of them) are blooming.  We know that after winter, spring comes, yet sometimes even if we don’t see them in full bloom, we know in our hearts it will come.


There are times when we are in between two seasons.  My aunt calls it “in between blessings”. During these times, we anxiously wait for what will happen. It is so easy to be depressed and let your impatience get the best of you.  It is easy to listen and take into heart horror stories of other people. Fear easily sets in we tend to get overwhelmed. However, times like this are special times. Don’t you miss it. Your perspective makes the difference. After all, patience is a virtue.

I recall the many answered prayers I had and the times when worries consumed me. I worried when I broke up with an ex for the seemingly long months that seemed to loom before me. I realize now that those were times of preparation for the next relationship God has meant for me. Little did I know that I would be engaged to my closest friend six months after. (Surprise! Surprise!)  It took 5 years for me to get pregnant, looking back, I should have worried less and enjoyed more. I could have travelled a lot and should have taken all sort of classes etc.., Now I’m a mom to a little boy who brings joy to my heart. He surely is taking most of my time.

I must admit that I am on waiting mode now.  We have plans in our hearts and we are praying for good things to come. I honestly don’t know what will happen but I choose to trust and wait with joy, knowing that our Springtime will come. In the meantime, allow me to enjoy and keep that smile on my face.

I choose to hope. I choose to be in faith. I choose to be happy.






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